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  Wrist Fracture

When bones break in the wrist it is called a wrist fracture. Though not a very serious condition, a wrist fracture often has a long recovery time and can sometimes result in permanent loss of strength and range of motion in the wrist. A cast must be worn - usually for about 6 weeks - while the bones heal, and some wrist fractures may even require surgery.
  While a fracture can be painful, the biggest impact it has is on quality of life. A wrist fracture can make it much more difficult to go about your daily tasks. Bathing, working, cooking, even tying your shoes are all more difficult after a fracture.  
  The good news? A health lifestyle can help lower the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. If you've already had a fracture, there are medications that can lower your risk of having another one.  
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